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Experience unparalleled value with Samuel's Development! I am dedicated to delivering well-structured, thoughtfully crafted, and optimized resources for your FiveM servers, ensuring high quality and affordability. My determination is not just to provide great products but also to offer exceptional support, ensuring that every customer has a seamless experience. I'm committed to enhancing your experience with solutions that truly meet your needs.

Instant Delivery

Upon your purchase, the product(s) will be delivered to your Keymaster account, and you will be granted corresponding roles on Discord.

Fully Optimized

We meticulously design our resources to ensure they perform seamlessly on servers of any size, offering maximum optimization.

No Encryption

Every one of our resources is fully open & easily customizable, allowing you to modify and tailor everything to your preferences!

Simple Installation

Whether you're new to FiveM scripting or an experienced developer, our scripts are designed for easy installation and use.

Secure Resources

Our resources feature top-tier protection against exploiters and hackers, ensuring your servers are safe and secure.

Frequent Updates

Expect swift resolutions to bugs, along with the frequent addition of new features and the implementation of user suggestions.

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Loyal customer

Can't recommend Samuel's Development enough. I'm picky, but simple with my scripts. High quality, easy set up, immersive and good support are the things I look for, and whenever I look at updating or adding a script I search through the forums for any others that do the same thing I need and compare. There's pretty much a 100% go to rate if any SD resource comes up in an honest comparison to others and that should say something. I've been a customer for well over a year now and these scripts make a great foundation or update to any server, and the support has always been fast when I needed help. Absolutely would recommend.

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Loyal customer

We've had a few problems about the oilrig heist. Made twice a ticket and reported our problems, within a few hours we got a response and it was fixed, ticket was closed. But after a few hours, I received an DM from Samuel that I had to update to the recent sd_lib for everything to work 100%. I have never seen an response (and fix!) so fast before. We are still testing and finetuning the oilrig for our server in the development server. But so far, the script works like a charm now! Thanks Samuel for the support and keep up the good work.

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Loyal Customer

Coming From a bachelors in Software Engineering for computer science and applied mathematics , I can vouch and honestly say that this is some of the cleanest and finest code you can receive for such a good price. Alone, the code and methods / functions are quickly responsive and fluidity is outstanding. Coming from a dynamic code standpoint 10 /10 would recommend all of @Samuel 's scripts.

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Loyal customer

Samuel exhibited remarkable patience and understanding regarding my inquiries. His response time is impressively fast and always helpful, ensuring that all my concerns were thoroughly addressed. Beyond that, he was proactive in identifying and resolving additional issues inferred from our dialogue. Based on this positive experience, I wholeheartedly recommend offering your support to him.

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Loyal customer

With his most recent rewrite of his oxy script, Samuel continues to show why he is one of the best developers and most consistent in his work. Amazing rewrite and continues to work the same quality into his other work. Between his helpful support ; continued improvements to his scripts over time - you'd be a fool to not get all of his work.


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